dARTling, why?

The dARTling workshops started week! As a side project of the Darling Collection, it is important to know the purpose of this program. We used the kickoff to interview Laura Jonkers about the project she started here.

  • When did you come up with the dARTling concept?
    Jan called me in December to ask me if I wanted to go to Darling again. Last year we gave workshops to 30 kids in and around Darling, this year we wanted to upgrade and expand the workshops. Jan asked me if I wanted to do this, of course I said yes immediately.Furthermore, I thought of a way to develop local talent by doing an extra project in which talented inhabitants learn how to teach different art disciplines to youngsters. At first, the plan was go deeper into the crafts with a small group but when I noticed that interest was big, I decided to make it accessible for all primary schools.
  • Why did you come up with it?
    Last year I was overwhelmed by all the talent here in Darling. I met a lot of people who love to dance, make music, play theatre, tell stories or make visual art. With that, I struck me how many people were ashamed and therefore don’t dare to express themselves. Old or young, they often have little self-confidence even though they are so gifted with talent. This observation led to the idea to coin the talented people of Darling as ‘Experts’ and gather them.
  • How will this work?
    In two weeks there will be six brainstorm sessions to learn from each other, to get inspired, to gain trust, develop didactic skills and most important; to have fun. The experts will use a storyline as source to come up with something they want to teach the kids.
  • Could you tell some more about the Darling youth?
    The kids are really talented, I saw them playing by dancing, singing and drumming. Because of the absence of toys, they developed creative ways of playing. The talks that I had with them made me realize they really love dancing, singing, making music, drawing and acting. This was proven by the amount of applications for the workshop that I received. Art is popular in Darling.
  • What do you want to achieve with this program?
    The project has different objectives:

    – Giving kids the chance to do different art disciplines
    – Discovering their talent
    – Develop creativity

    – Connect the Experts of Darling and give them the chance to collaborate
    – Show them they are independent and more than capable to set up projects

This year I will focus mostly on the talents of the Experts. I want to know what they can do and how they can use it. These qualities will be the cornerstone for the future workshops for kids. By creating together and practising the art of teaching, I hope to encourage them so they can see how much they can accomplish.

  • We try to spread our knowledge through workshops, what can we learn from the people here?
    We want to proceed this program the coming years. We want to involve more FHK teacher-students so we can exchange knowledge. De students can challenge the Experts to work with different material, to dance in other styles, to make music with different instruments but also to work on didactic and methods. The Experts can challenge the students to work with a different approach like involving more emotion.
  • Last but not least…
    Just to make sure everyone has a clear view about dARTling. The project consists of different elements:

    [18 TILL 22 APRIL]
    Workshops for kids from primary schools, each school delivers 10 kids that will do a variety of art workshops. They will work towards a presentation with different countries as theme. In this presentation (22nd of April) they will present their work which will be a trip around the world while collecting a souvenir (artpiece) from each country they visit. These workshops will be given by the students of Fontys.

    [10 TILL 21 APRIL]
    Brainstorm sessions with the Experts, each art discipline is represented by 4 or 5 Experts. They will come together 3 times a week to collaborate and create 4 different workshops for kids. They will also spend time learning about didactics and methods.

    The Experts will lead these self created workshops to the kids. They will also work towards a presentation that will be given during The Darling Collection festival (5, 6 and 7 May).




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